08 | 04 | 2019

Continuous Service 99.999% for Network Infrastructure

This service is from the top shelf, provides resilience in the most dramatic circumstances – downtime is less than 5.26 minutes per year. When business depends intensely on network infrastructure, we can implement and deliver – Five Nines.

Current enterprises demand uninterrupted network environment to provide services to the customers, even more; they depend on the network. We have the knowledge and experience to design and deliver such a platform.


Number of Large and Enterprise Businesses - FTSE 100, Universities, Colleges, Hospitals, Clinics


Large / Enterprise Network Infrastructure and Multiple Data Center's


To provide a Continuous Service to their network infrastructure. Some businesses are very strict about the SLA’s (Service Level Agreement) and based on pricing schema; relevant agreements can be achieved. Costs are proportional to the level required – Continuous Service is expensive, but the benefits outweigh its costs.

The Service with provide to our clients:
Basic – 98.00% – 876 mins (14hrs 30mins) Un-managed Downtime Per Month
Enhanced – 99.00% – 438 mins (7hrs 30mins) Un-managed Downtime Per Month
Premium – 99.90% – 43 mins Un-managed Downtime Per Month
Highly Available – 99.99% – 4 mins Un-managed Downtime Per Month
Continuous Service – 99.999% – 26 seconds Un-managed Downtime Per Month

What was done

How to accomplish all clients requirement in terms of High-Availability? Detailed planning is required for the entire infrastructure. Resiliency and redundancy need to be applied everywhere to achieve a Continuous Service. Otherwise, the weakest link may fail, and all hard work will be for nothing.

We take a list of items under consideration:

  • All devices need to be in Pair’s, in Cluster, whether there are switches, routers, firewalls, load-balancers
  • Dynamic Routing Protocols
  • Correct configuration: Active/Active or Active/Standby
  • Resilient Patching – connections between network devices and servers need to be placed into multiple line cards
  • Redundant PSU’s, power sources, phases within comms rooms, including generators.
  • HSRP, VRRP, or Floating IP’s needs to be configured correctly and tested for fail-over. Good fail-over is seamless to users and applications.

There is a number of benefits to our customers when those steps are implemented correctly:

  • Operation System upgrade or maintenance can be performed at ease without an outage
  • Business operations are undisturbed
  • Active/Active configuration utilises all bandwidth and equipment
  • No disruption to Users or Application


No Financial or Reputational impact have impacted any of our clients with Continuous Service.

None of the clients exceeded 26 seconds of un-managed downtime, as stated in SLA (Service Level Agreement). This figure was close to zero, so it proves the point that it is essential to invest in your network infrastructure.


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