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What is Artificial Intelligence (AI)?

 Over the past years, AI has been seen as a superficial theory or sci-fi machine. Yet, today it is one of the leading innovations in business and all kinds of industries.

The concept of what defines AI has changed over time, and at the core, there has always been the idea of building machines that are capable of thinking like humans.

AI can be defined as a computer system capable of performing a task that requires intelligence. This task is usually something that a human can accomplish, such as learning, planning, problem-solving, perception, and understanding human communication in any language.

Machine Learning (ML)

 AI uses Machine Learning to mimic human intelligence. Machine learning is the art of teaching computers to learn in the same way we do, by interpreting data from the world around us, classifying it, and learning from its successes and failures.

Computers are being taught or programmed using machine learning to think like humans and solve problems.

Why do you need AI and ML?

 Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning are undoubtedly the world’s leading technological advancements. They play a vital role in different industries ranging from transportation, healthcare, manufacturing industries, businesses, and the legal industry.

Some important functions of AI and ML technology in various industries are

  • AI reduces the time frame needed to perform specific functions which eases the workload thereby increasing creativity.
  • AI doesn’t experience fatigue or tiredness, it is highly efficient and completes complex tasks without any interruption or downtime.
  • The high level of accuracy you get with AI is unmatched by any human effort.
  • AI gathers and arranges millions of data and makes them easily accessible for your clients anytime.
  • AI performs intellectual tasks efficiently and is used for research purposes.

Delivering a better service.
Taking your business to unchartered levels with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. Embracing all the Benefits!

Application of AI and ML in the Legal Sector

 The legal system is a complex one, and it is currently being revolutionised by Artificial Intelligence.

As the notion goes, when there are technological advancements in a professional sector, there would be an uproar about whether their career and daily operations would be replaced.

And the truth is, Artificial Intelligence is transforming the legal system and improving what they do, freeing them up for the greater tasks like advising clients, negotiating deals, and appearing in courts.

Reviewing their clients’ documents, contracts, and background information can be time-consuming; when done by humans, it can’t be efficient and accurate. AI Machines are much faster at sorting through documents than humans because it takes a few seconds to read and comprehend documents and can produce results that are accurate and can be statistically validated. It, therefore, not only saves time but also money and increases revenues.

The v500 System leverages Natural Language Processing to help analyse documents. It reads, comprehends, analyses, and extracts vital information from a hundred thousand to a million documents.

Applications of AI and ML in the Business Sector

AI is currently revolutionising the business world, and many organisations are adapting to changes, implementing them, and seeing tremendous results.

AI takes marketing to another level; not only does it aid in developing marketing strategies, and it also helps in executing them by sorting customers according to their interests and demographic. It can target ads to customers based on browsing history and power recommendations engine and is a critical tool in giving customers exactly what they want.

AI is improving business interactions through chatbots as representatives may not always be online to respond to messages and inquiries. It can also equip sales representatives with insight, predicting customer needs that can be implemented to skyrocket sales.

How can AI and ML benefit end-users and society at large?

AI has come to stay in our world today. It is not a futuristic vision, but rather it is a technology that is already being utilised in almost every sector. All must therefore take part in it. AI takes over repetitive tasks. AI would dramatically influence the healthcare sector by improving the operations of healthcare facilities and medical organisations. Our society will gain countless hours of productivity with just the introduction of autonomous production and AI influencing our traffic congestion issues. AI technology as it advances will generally have a positive impact on our society and daily life operations.

Enabling Businesses to kickstart on AI and ML
Let Artificial Intelligence do the work!

Here at v500 Systems:

  • We choose the best approach in Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning that suits your business.

  • We then implement those AI and ML solutions in your business.

  • We enhance AI skills and competency within your organisation.

  • We process immense volumes of documents that are impossible for humans to comprehend by using natural language processing (NLP) and Machine Learning.

  • We update the existing technologies and existing IT services in your business before implementing AI strategies.

  • We oversee the application in case of sensitive data to ensure accuracy and aid in continuous improvement of the machine, leaving no stone unturned.

Many sectors face challenges with a high volume of documents. Wouldn’t it be nice to centralise access to knowledge and find relevant answers quickly, upfront?
We can assist you with this problem by deploying AI and ML.

Quality and Consistency

What are the challenges that you can only solve with Artificial Intelligence?

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Unstructured Data

80% of Data is unstructured in the organisations. What does that mean? Data is scattered all over the place, and no one knows where it is and what vital data sets hold. So why are we allowing for such a waste? The organisation has spent time and resources in the past to accumulate information. Using AI and ML, we can have all the data available to us all the time at our fingertips.

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We give you time back

Time is irreplaceable and very often is wasted on tedious, repetitive work. Leave creative tasks for humans; that is what we are good at. According to a 2017 Forbes survey, 84% of Executives said that AI and ML give them an edge over the competition because their people have more time and are more resourceful.

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Innovative businesses take full advantage of Cloud services, including Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. ML can learn from itself, fully automated. Once it is set up, you forget about it; that is even there. You focus on your day-to-day job and benefit from the data results. Automation is the key to success for any organisation.

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With Automation in the Cloud, we can achieve greater consistency and data accuracy. Subsequently, this will mitigate any potential errors to the very minimum. Additionally, processes are streamlined and consistent without any external intervention. This is the goal of new business.

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Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning play essential factors in the entire solution, as they constantly learn from datasets and themselves and throw out any discrepancies that potentially can affect -- Quality.
Quality is achieved with consistent and automated processes. These two key ingredients are vital to achieving quality at all levels.

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For a human to comprehend one million points from a single document would be virtually impossible. The data had to be categorised, and simplified, and an average baseline introduced.
AI and ML would treat every single point out of a million individually. Only then many patterns would emerge, delivering information that humans so often miss.

Leveraging Artificial Intelligence to Augment Employees and Accelerate Operations

Unlocking the Potential of AI: How Law Firms and Attorneys can Leverage the Latest Technology

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Accelerate the pace of your business to Artificial Intelligence and Automate Infrastructure with Expert knowledge.

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