Building Infrastructure with our Professional Services

Our Professional Services provide access to highly experienced Networking Experts to tackle all your networking requirements

What we offer | Professional Services

We provide Experts with hard skills and experience that is needed to get all the moving parts of your Business to move...

Our Best People

• Multidisciplinary teams of IT consultants and World-Class Experts
• End-to-End Full-Scale Consulting Services - we answer all your question, explain any grey areas
• Project Management (Defined & Execute Phase)
• Global Infrastructure expertise with local talent
• Precision Implementation & Deployment Services (avoiding outages)

Solving Complex Problems

• Hardened network experts with over 20 years experience each to solve network and security problems
• Ability to deliver bespoke solutions as per specific requirements
• Advanced Integration, Performance Review and Optimisation
• Cyber-Security Services at all 7x Layers of the OSI model


• Outsourcing Professional Services to us, we can save you between 20 - 40%
• 360-degree accountability that allows customers to focus on core business
• Unifying and Standardising Network Infrastructure – better Management and Support
• Assessment, Audit, Analysing & Review Services
• On-site & from Cloud Management, Monitoring and Support


• High and Low; Level Design Services
• Detailed Documentation and Operational Manuals (Visio diagrams, IP schemas and documents)
• Technical training and handover to in-house IT Team
• Sharing best practices

Some organisation want to make the transition within their On-premises infrastructure or migrate to the Cloud platform and lack the resources or expertise to implement it.
This is where we step in.

How We Work | Professional Services

Why Do You Need to Engage Professional Services?

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Complex, We make IT simple networks

You have enormous plans for your business, employees, and none of them includes managing complex, multi-vendor ICT solutions. We help growing companies to accelerate teamwork, fend off cyberattacks, and seamlessly increase employee productivity with data network solutions that are easy to deploy, are easy to manage, and help take the complexity out of ICT.

Whether you are planning, managing or optimising your network, know you have our team of experts behind you to support you each step of the way

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

We understand you can’t do it all

Many business owners are multitasking to cover all essential bases, and small IT departments are ‘fire fighting’ daily problems with a limited outlook on the scope and agenda. There is so much to do and not many hands on deck.

We understand that your business needs innovative technology that works, full stop and that you may not have the right resources to maintain your whole Network and Security Infrastructure. That is why our Professional Services Engineers are here to help you. We can scale accordingly to support your all business needs, no matter how complex technology or business challenges you are facing.

We have been this road many times, and we are comfortable in what we do – Network Environments.
Assure your systems are always up-to-date and get ahead of today’s fast-paced evolution of technology

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Enduring security keeps your digital data safe

It’s time to face it: any business is big Business for cyber-attacks. Whether you are a small retailer or a massive manufacturer, provide professional services, or are in the healthcare sector, your company may face serious cyber-security threats. A greater dependence on mobility, sensor-based data gathering (the Internet of Things - IoT), increased clients’ expectations and changing business scopes have created new levels of vulnerability that are often neglected.
Weak security can severely damage brand reputation and critically affect your customers’ trust. Hence why we provide security solutions that keep your digital information safe, from a single device to the Data Center.

With our holistic approach, we can mitigate vulnerabilities, and any potential threats and layer-by-layer enhance security level throughout the organisation. Standardising procedures within network infrastructure provides a stable and secure platform for your Business.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

We help you prepare for the future

The speed of innovation can be brutal. What is considered bleeding edge technology today may be table stakes tomorrow, and businesses need solutions that support these ICT needs as they grow, evolve? Main factors such as total cost of ownership can become significant, and companies need to look for solutions that scale as their ICT needs increase. Cloud-based products or Hybrid Cloud network solutions are suitable for both worlds. An on-premise network infrastructure that you already committed considerable investments, and Cloud, quick, simple installation for some time or when global presence is required.

Network switches, security appliances and other networking hardware can be managed centrally by IT in-house department. That is why so many businesses put trust into new infrastructure model

We can take you on the journey to an innovative, agile, creative networking technology that will scale up with your business

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Unmatched productivity

Many growing businesses are looking up to global, enterprise businesses to achieve their status and methodology, smooth and risk-free deployment. We are fully aware that your employees are the lifeblood of your business, and it helps when they can be productive from anywhere, any device – having vast flexibility your business thrives.

Our extensive collaboration solutions (conferencing, audio and video, and messaging) level the playing field, upscaling your needs and increasing employee productivity and efficiency, so you can get more done with fewer efforts.

Out top-class cyber-security services can save a tremendous amount of financial and productivity heartache for your business operations.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Our Solutions let you focus on what counts

We understand that when done correctly, the digital technology, the network infrastructure is fueling your business and is transparent in daily operations. In simple terms – network environment – WORKS! Cyberattacks are being successfully prevented before any data is compromised.

Work and operations are never affected, allowing you to focus on what counts – growing your passion – Business

We strongly believe that networking technology should be Simple, Secure and Reliable – and Your Business deserves to experience what we can do

We provide access to a single point of contact for all your tasks and needs.

v500 Systems Professional Services enabling Businesses to have Enterprise presence in the Cloud

Benefits | Professional Services

More Time

Outsourcing gives you more time to concentrate on other things. For instance, if you hire IT, experts, you will get the time you need to focus on the different departments of your organisation

Diverse Talent

As mentioned earlier, the business environment is changing rapidly. All departments, and mostly the IT departments, need new skills every day to survive in a competitive environment, get fresh ideas.

Sophisticated Tools

v500 Systems Professional Services provides outsourcing services, we have all the tools and equipment that businesses need to enhance their operations’ efficiency, working smarter.

Reduced Costs

When outsourcing your most challenging and complex projects to Professional Services, soon you will realise that we charge competitive fees, comparing to the value that we bring to your business

Lower Risks

It is hard to find suitable permanent employees, and if the turnover turns out to be very high, you are losing money. Outsourcing guarantees consistency in your business and outstanding results.

24/7 Operations

Our Networking, Security and Cloud Experts are located around the world; this gives us leverage to provide 24/7 business operation and consistency when you are asleep

In many cases, when organisations are facing projects like network hardware refreshes, impending upgrades or the need for new network design, there aren’t enough in-house resources available to see through the execution.

WHY V500 SYSTEMS | Professional Services?

We assist your organisation IT in-house department to deliver Data Network and Cyber-Security projects within your infrastructure

New network platforms and security technologies continue to surface across Information and Communication Technology (ICT), dramatically altering the number of resources that IT company must maintain to get most benefits out of these emerging technologies.

With Professional Services from v500 Systems, a team of knowledgable and qualified consultants and experts, with proven track records, we can deliver strategies that meet your organisation, provide solution and add value. We take full responsibility on our shoulders so you have one problem less to worry about

Our scope of Services

  • Network Services
  • Cyber-Security Services
  • Platform Consulting Services
  • Data Center Facilities Consulting Solutions
  • Cloud and Hybrid Technology Services
  • Storage Services
Digital Transformation is here – new innovative methods to Networking and Cyber-Security are continually evolving. Your Network Infrastructure is a platform for other services – needs to be agile and resilient for business today.
Can’t you afford to fall behind?

We will analyse, design and implement a tailored solution within your infrastructure. We are focused on best practices, network designs and backed by unmatched knowledge and experience in the field. Our Senior Network Engineers and Network Architects will focus on your most impactful technology initiatives.

Our Aim is to Achieve your Goals in Network Infrastructure

  • Provide your Business with the ability to Leverage the Latest Technologies
  • Considerably reduce the timeline for deployments to Critical Environments
  • Assist in-house IT team of Project Management and Complex Networking tasks
  • Fusion Internal Strengths with External Partnership to provide Optimal Solution
  • Continue to Expand Information Technology Path
  • Share the knowledge and Experience with your team

v500 Systems is enthusiastic to partner with enterprises to extend IT Teams and optimise the network environments so that staying connected becomes a foundation of business success.

Our Professionals can assist in your Business Project
from Start-to-Finish

The ICT Solutions you need | Professional Services

We deliver new Network platforms and Security services.
Tailored Made only for Your Business requirements

v500 Systems | services | enterprise network solutions

Network Architecture

Build the right architecture that will serve you for a decade

Looking to migrate and integrate your infrastructure to the Cloud, Automate Deployments, or explore new application architectures? Take advantage of v500 Systems Solution Definition Workshops to build the optimal application delivery architecture to support your Business Goals.

v500 Systems | about us | enterprise network solutions

Successful Deployment

Get it right the first time.

Please take advantage of the breadth and depth of v500 Systems solution knowledge that our consultants have accumulated over thousands of successful deployments. We’ll help you build a comprehensive design based on best practices and provide the assistance you need to ensure success.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Consistent, Maintain

Keep things running smoothly.

Whether you’re planning to migrate a network infrastructure to the Cloud or upgrade current hardware, you can rely on our consultants’ deep expertise in application delivery to help ensure a smooth transition. We provide services, including design review, product orientation, and application fine-tuning, to help keep you running as efficiently as possible.

Accelerate the pace of your business and Automate Infrastructure with Expert knowledge.

Are you looking for innovative digital solutions?

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F5 WAF on AWS – innovative solutions to secure web applications

Application technologies are evolving at a speed rate like never seen before. Developers create innovative, robust application solutions to attract clients and users.
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SDWAN solution for a Business in Retail Sector

The Business sought to upgrade its collaboration-conferencing and data support for 500 employees spread out across some 10 branches, and at the same time lowering its total ICT expenditures.
20 | 11 | 2019

Migration from Cisco Catalyst Switches to Cisco Nexus Network

Migration to Cisco Nexus was the obvious choice because it provides many benefits: high performance and density, power efficiency,