Knowledge and Training

We are willing to help your organisation to discover the full potential of your network infrastructure
We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with you

“An investment in knowledge pays the best interest” – Benjamin Franklin

Our immediate focus is to transfer the knowledge after the project is delivered,
so your in-house IT department is comfortable regarding the new network environment

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions


Network documentation is essential.
Without proper network documentation, troubleshooting and solving problems will take much longer. Subsequently, your business will be exposed to financial and reputational risks.
We always start with documentation

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Network Best Practice

We follow excellent habits, and we encourage our clients to do the same
Our learning and knowledge solutions will help you empower your team so they can deliver consistent service
Being resourceful

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions


In network environments, troubleshooting is an art in itself. In many occasions, problems don’t manifest themselves, and on the surface, everything looks fine. Only by digging deeper, we can uncover the real issue. We always engage all parties involved on a single conference call to resolve server issues quickly.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Knowledge Base

At v500 Systems we have a number of talented network engineers, architects, cyber-security experts. They have been working in the IT industry for a very long time and delivered successfully countless projects. Their expertise is our Knowledge Base
We are happy to share that with our clients

Conventional Services

  • Other companies don't like to share their information
  • Other companies they want you to be dependent on them
  • They rather move their resources to another client
  • Vague tactical approaches

What we offer | Knowledge Transfer and Training

  • We count that you will get fresh ideas from our experts
  • Knowledge and experience builds confidence
  • We put a different perspective into each environment
  • Get an answer to every question
  • Introducing an innovation
  • Receive expert advice and insights
  • Introductions to new collaborations
  • Knowledge that will strengthen the connection between network infrastructure and business

WHY V500 SYSTEMS | Knowledge Transfer and Training Services?

Education, Education, Education
Depends on the size of the project that we deliver. In most case, those projects quite big. As mentioned in previous pages, we do focus on documentation, and we will produce quite a lot of it at the very beginning and also throughout the project.
However, sometimes documentation is not enough. It is good to talk to a real person and share our knowledge and experience. Someone who can answer all the questions, and yes we can:)
How does it work?

Once we complete the project, we will support it, oversee network infrastructure for the next two weeks before it is handed over to Network Operation Team within your business. During that period we will schedule a time with in-house network engineers to discuss a new deployment. The presentation will cover all the aspect of modern network infrastructure, including detail topics on how to manage and support it. How to approach new applications deployment and how it needs to serve the business.
Naturally, we will be happy to answer all the question. Our aim is that the local IT team is comfortable with the infrastructure. Still, we are a phone call or email away should you have further questions.
Our Blog and Case Studies are good resources