Intelligent Cyber-Security

The journey to securing and transforming your business with
Collaborative Intelligence: Network Security, User and Endpoint Protection, Cloud Edge and Application Security
Delivering IT Security, Simplicity and Speed

Tighten your infrastructure security at every Layer with our Experts

We can Review, Optimise and enhance your security

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Instant Expert knowledge

Our Professionals will design and deploy your digital transformation initiatives quickly and effectively.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Make your Business Agile

End-to-End Secure Infrastructure and Operations management protecting your business safe and compliant.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Cyber-Security Knowledge

Develop an agile and predictive security ecosystem across your users, devices, applications, and infrastructure.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Security Consulting Solutions

Shield your core assets by applying your resources and controls effectively, and in the right places.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Your security is Our Priority

You need a workforce protecting your entire infrastructure. To help you mitigate constantly evolving and sophisticated cyber threats.

v500 systems | enterprise network solutions

Competitive Advantage

Knowing that your infrastructure is bullet-prove you can focus on your business to take the edge over your competitors.

Conventional Services

  • Inadequate identification of data flows
  • Rare in depth security testing
  • Focusing only on Perimeter Security
  • Forgetting the Basics
  • Disregarding Security Awareness Training
  • Ignoring Security Monitoring
  • Resisting Vendor Risk Assessments

What we offer | Cyber-Security Solutions

  • FREE ONE-DAY consultation, we will answer all your questions, provide advice, guidance, we will explain any grey areas.
  • Full understanding or your infrastructure and integrating tools to achieve a greater security
  • Review and update of your current Security Policy for Network Infrastructure, Applications, Services, Endpoints and End-users
  • Security Strategic and Assurance Services
  • Security Governance, Risk and Compliance Services
  • Data Loss Prevention, Application Security and Identity and Access Management
  • Security Incident Management and Response Services
  • Access, Distribution and Edge Security
  • Secure connectivity to Cloud Services
  • End-point Protection
  • Implementation and Integration Services
  • Threat, Vulnerability Detection Monitoring and Management
  • Technical training and handover to in-house IT Team
  • Project Management (Defined & Execute Phase)
  • Detailed Documentation and Operational Manuals (Visio diagrams, IP schemas and documents)

WHY V500 SYSTEMS | Cyber-Security Solutions?

We want to secure your intelligent business, your greatest ASSET?

We realize you need to be resilient, yet agile and innovative for the future of your intelligent business. Consequently, knowing the security risks you face and being prepared to address them during constant change is essential. We would work with you to identify the technologies and services you need to create, build, deliver and manage a cybersecurity posture that keeps you secure while you transform.

Why Cyber-Security is so important?

To mitigate any risks, protect company sensitive data, profitability and reputation. Information Technology cyber-security is a continuous practice the demands experience and knowledge to form a bridge between end-user, client, applications and services to protect the integrity of the business.

We will understand your business infrastructure, to make sure we provide the best solution for your network environment. V500 Systems have a team of Experts you need to build, manage, and evaluate enterprise information security. Our highly-skilled professionals allow for a robust foundation in your security strategies that go hand-in-hand with your ever-evolving business challenges.