Integrating Cloud Solutions

The Capability, Performance, Security, and Stability required to drive the Business Network to the Cloud
Cloud gives you the agility, the need to adapt and change direction quickly, one of the core principles of a Digital Business

What We Offer | Cloud Solutions

Assisting you with system integration, strategic consultancies, managed services to migrate, implement and optimise Cloud Platform Solution


• We will help you to migrate your infrastructure with confidence
• By architecting, designing an optimal solution to migrate to the Cloud
• Define a clear topology roadmap for all the services within Cloud platform
• Migrating thousands of on-premises workloads that can be automated and scheduled
• With us is easy to get started and benefit from Control, Agility, Cost Savings and No Downtime


• Good Network and Security Architecture in Cloud Environment is the foundation for a Successful Business
• Well-Architected framework will give you an advantage of building scalable applications
• Define best Architectural principles and Best Practices to leverage services to make your infrastructure Scalable and Highly Available
• In our Cloud Architecture we focus to deliver: Operational Excellence, Security, Reliability, Performance Efficiency and Cost Optimisation
• During Consultation, we will answer all your questions and provide guidance


• Our World-class security experts who will monitor your infrastructure, build and maintain a broad selection of innovative security services
• We will help you to achieve third-party validations and satisfy any global compliance requirements
• Strategic Security designed by our team to help you build secure, high-performing and resilient Cloud Infrastructure
• Our goal is to; Prevent, Detect, Respond and Remediate any Cloud Security issues
• Technical training and handover to deploy best security practices for your in-house IT Dep


• We can simplify cloud management, streamline operations and strengthen security
• We can help clients to confidently manage, optimise and continuously monitoring to improve efficiently your Cloud Infrastructure
• Helping customers gain visibility into their Cloud environment to see exact workloads costs, resource utilisation and more
• As part of our management we offer detailed documentation and Operational Manuals (high and low level)
• Our focus is on automated actions, notifications and recommendations to deliver constantly a better service

We Design, Architect, Build, Migrate, and manage workloads, applications and networks in the Cloud

How We Work | Cloud Solutions

Cloud and Hybrid-Cloud gives you the agility, the need to adapt and change direction quickly, one of the core principle of a Digital Business

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Cloud is a Platform...

Cloud Infrastructure is very sophisticated and presented to you as a platform. As with on-premises network, you need experts like us to make the design, incorporate high-availability and extensive security. Strategy and Architecture are utmost importance only then you will have an environment that you can scale and profit from benefits it provides

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Cloud Computing Security

There are a number of methods to guard Sensitive Data in a typical Cloud Web Application, and each one must be closely reviewed. Protect Data from Unauthorized Access and ensure integrity. Encrypt data at rest to protect it from disclosure by deploying layers of security measures. CSPs typically provide encryption capabilities for the storage services they offer. This is just the beginning, further processes including Nex-Gen Firewalls, network segmentation, Public and Private subnets

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Wide scope of networking in Cloud

Running a few instances in the Cloud is a different game to have the entire business infrastructure. We can help you with many topics to safely navigate to the Cloud environment. Core networking components within AWS Cloud are; Virtual Private Cloud, Availability Zones, Subnets, Route Tables, Internet Gateways, Elastic IP's, Network ACL's, Security Groups, NAT Gateways, Peering Connections, to name a few.

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Hybrid Cloud Solutions

Combine your current on-premises solutions with Cloud Services and gain the advantage of flexibility and versatility. We can integrate a full scope deployment to optimise your network infrastructure to accommodate all critical applications and services. Have the best of both Worlds.

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Be Creative on Cloud Network

Create Applications, Platforms and Services perform Digital Transformation, take advantage of Artificial Intelligence in an intuitive and fast way - saving both resources and time of your team. We can make it scalable and reachable from around the world with the flexibility and optimisation from the Cloud to the most ambitious initiatives.

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Enterprise vs Small Business

Before the Cloud innovations, only Global Enterprise business had the resources, funds and scalability. Now, this is changes the Cloud platform offers cost-effective opportunities for small businesses. They can take advantage of expanded data storage as well as more accessible operations and applications. Being SMB in one country, with few clicks, you have processes and serving clients around the Globe. How good is that?

Many Businesses are selecting Cloud and Hybrid Technologies, taking advantage of Cloud Connectivity while maintaining on-premise infrastructure. We are helping them navigate through this path

Benefits | Cloud Solutions

Elasticity | Control | Flexibility | Integrated | Reliable | Secure | Inexpensive | Easy

Drive down costs

Avoid significant capital expenditure on hardware and upgrades. Cloud can also improve cost efficiency by more closely matching your cost pattern to your revenue/demand pattern

Robust Resilience

Many organisations use their private Cloud as a fail-over for a public cloud to increase resilience. In some cases, service providers may be able to respond to outages more quickly than internal ICT personnel.

Strong Security

In general, data in a cloud environment can be secured with as much confidence as can data in a closed enterprise network

Cope with Demand

You know what infrastructure you need today, but what about your future requirements? As your business grows a cloud environment will grow with you,


With a cloud infrastructure, you can rapidly deploy new projects and take them into the live environment quickly, keeping you at the vanguard of innovation in your sector

Future-Proof Your Business

We live in a fast-paced, internet-driven world. Don’t let your business fall behind. By embracing the Cloud, you can handle emerging trends, meaningful to your business, and maintain your competitive edge.

Cloud Technologies, Networking and Content in Competitive Business

The Migration Process


- Identify readiness
- Identify potential business outcome

Readiness and Planning

- Analyse environment
- Determine migration strategies
- Create a well-architected landing zone


- Design, Migrate and validate each application
- Automatic or Manual
- Migrate Data

Operations and Optimisation

- Operate
- Manage
- Optimise

WHY V500 SYSTEMS | Cloud Network Solutions?

The Capability, Performance, Security, and Stability required to drive the business network to the Cloud

We provide the insight expertise and solutions to ensure you make the best of the openings the cloud presents. Through our consulting-led approach, we will assist you in making a good judgment of how the cloud can benefit your business. We can steer you to work out the best location for your applications and give you the tools to manage them transparently.

The general objective is to take advantage of Cloud infrastructure while still maintaining to full potential your on-premises Data Network Infrastructure.

The best of both Worlds!
Hybrid IT Network infrastructure

Agility and flexibility are essential for digital business, and hybrid IT environments are challenging to manage. With applications hosted on a mixture of on-premises and public cloud, keeping an eye on everything is not straightforward. With systems spread out across multiple environments, you need a way to manage all of these from a single network – Hybrid Network presented logically as One.

There is another advantage when going with the Hybrid Network environment; you have the chance to untangle some of the heavily integrated applications and remove some dead wood – hardware.

We can assist you with the outlook required to gain insight into how all your systems work collectively. It will help to understand better which applications can be moved as a priority to the Cloud and what will remain in their current environment.

Adaptable and Secure connectivity for your business to the Cloud

You have IT infrastructure distributed across multiple locations: on-premises and in the cloud. Your Data Network binds everything together. Without the right network infrastructure, you won’t be able to get the most potential out your services and applications. We will enable you with a high-performance, secure connection between your corporate headquarters and the cloud, we can manage on your behalf, ensuring that each application is accessible and running at pick performance.

“Cloud computing is often far more secure than traditional computing because companies like Google and Amazon can attract and retain cyber-security personnel of a higher quality than many governmental agencies.”

— Vivek Kundra, former federal CIO of the United States

Agile Networking embracing latest technologies, leading to Artificial Intelligence

Cloud Network, platform for scalable infrastructure

“The cloud services companies of all sizes…The cloud is for everyone. The cloud is a democracy.” ~ Marc Benioff, Founder, CEO and Chairman of Salesforce

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Do you need Cloud Infrastructure?

It depends, if you are an established enterprise business and you have committed to your infrastructure, you can move some services that will benefit from global Cloud infrastructure, or you want to expand quickly, save time, take advantage of the latest technology. If you are a startup and don't want to commit to huge investments, Cloud is a perfect solution.

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What problems does Cloud solve?

With cloud computing, your concentrate can be on achieving your business goals - NOT on running your IT. Traditional computing, business face high capital expenditure upfront, subsequently with time-old technology. Other problems: Pool Business Continuity, Use of time, Rigidity, Poor communication, Inadequate security and overcomplicated environment

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What are Hybrid Network Solutions?

Many corporations have made investments over the years into their on-premises infrastructure, and now they can't just write this off and move to Cloud computing. Cloud may be a low-cost solution at the beginning; however, it will be more expensive over the on-premise environment if you compare apple-for-apple. On-premise and Cloud - Hybrid is the best of both Worlds.

Accelerate the pace of your business and Automate in Cloud Infrastructure.

Are you looking for innovative digital solutions?

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AWS Network Design with Secure Segregation

The business already had some presence on AWS, a number of servers, applications, databases. As the business was developing and the motion was to expand and enhance services, as well as migrate more critical applications to AWS Cloud